Xero - Basic Actions

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Performs actions like Launch, Log In, Close etc. on the Xero portal running on Google Chrome




Run the Example Process to Launch / Log in and Log Out / Close using the relevant arguments in the action call.


Action - Launch

Xero URL (text) - The URL of the Xero portal

Chrome Exe Path (text) - The application path of the Google Chrome application

Action - Log In

Email Address (Text) - Email Address to login

Password (Password) - Password to login


Action - Get Log In State

Logged in (flag) – True if the User is already logged in

Components Included


Example Process - Xero - Basic Actions


Xero - Basic Actions

List of Functionality

Launches the Xero portal on Google Chrome

Logs into the Xero portal

Logs out of the Xero portal

Navigates to the Xero Home Page from any other Xero Page

Closes the Google Chrome window which has Xero portal

Terminates the Google Chrome process

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