Performance Testing Tool for Blue Prism

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Runs a loop through Excel and the Blue Prism work queue on a given number of items. Used to test and record baseline performance of your infrastructure from a robot. Of compare performance between infrastructure setups. 

Use cases

  • Run this test before or after upgrades or updates to capture the difference
  • Use between customer sites for comparison
  • Use to performance test or stress test your Blue Prism infrastructure setup (i.e. run on multiple robots at once)
  • Use to smoke test robot machines
​What it contains? ​A release file with the main process, Work Queue and the standard Excel VBO.
​How it works?

The process uses the standard Blue Prism process template but in the populate queue stage, creates an Excel document with the given number of items then adds those to a work queue. It then iterates each item in the queue, getting and then marking it as complete. 

Add in any adition actions within the template to customise the performance test for the organisation.

A count of 10000 items will typically take 6-7 minutes. View the control room for total time or view the last page of the log to see this figure (see picture). 

​​Prerequisites​ Excel VBO and a Blue Prism Work Queue (included in release file)
​​Execution ​Just call as required through control room and enter the inputs. 

Queue Name - The queue to use for this test

Number - The number of items to process


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