Sharepoint Actions for Blue Prism

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This product is electronically distributed.

This product contains actions to allow Blue Prism robots to interact directly with SharePoint using the built in SharePoint Rest Services.


This is the best way to interact with SharePoint as you don't need to worry about UI changes, modern vs classic look or other issues like security tokens. The actions work with On-Prem and Office 365. 


I will be adding new actions as I can, if you purchase this product you'll also get these updates as well. 



A set of common SharePoint actions using the built in SharePoint Rest Services


Requires a valid username and password to the associated SharePoint List or Library or access through single signon


Call each action as required using the given inputs


Site URL (text)

Document Library or List Name (text)

Username (text)

Password (password)

File Path (text - for document related actions)

Item Collection (collection - for list related actions)

Is Office365 (boolean - determines if On-Prem or Office365 site)

Overwrite (boolean - for document related actions)


Status - returns True if completed sucessfully, False if not completed sucessfully. 

Error - The associated error text

Filepath (text - for get document related actions)

Item Collection (collection - for get list items related actions)

FilterString (String - for filtering get list action)

Processes Included

SharePoint Actions Test Rig - Shows examples of how to call each action

Objects Included

SharePoint Actions

List of Actions

Upload File - uploads a file to a sharepoint library, direct to the root or within a folder structure. 

Get A File - gets a file from a sharepoint library based on it's filename

Create List Item - creates a single list item

Update an Item - updates a single list item

Get all List Items - gets all items in a list into a collection

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