Prevent Screen Lock for Blue Prism

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The system automatically detects activities such as local keyboard or mouse input, server activity, and changing window focus. Activities that are not automatically detected include disk or CPU activity and video display.

Calling Prevent Screen Lock action resets the idle timer and keeps the system unlocked.

Calling Reset action lets the system know it can go into locked state after the idle time.




Run the Prevent screen lock action until the process needs the screen not to get locked and run Reset action to let the system know it can go into lock





Components Included


Prevent Screen Lock


Example Process - Prevent Screen Lock

List of Functionality

Prevent Screen Lock - to inform the system that it is in use, thereby preventing the system from entering sleep or turning off the display, the screen will not go to locked state until Reset action is run. Note that the action will not have influence on the sleep time which has been set in the power and sleep settings

Reset – to let the system know that it the screen can get locked as per the time set in control panel

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