Adobe Professional Common Actions for Blue Prism

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Contains three actions.​ All actions are code based rather than using the Adobe UI.

1. Extracts a range of page from given PDF and save it as another PDF file
2. Read PDF Form data and return it as dump text

3. Read PDF Page data

​What it contains? ​An object with title "Adobe Pro - Common Actions" which has three actions for the above features.
​How it works? 1. Extract pdf pages
​It uses the adobe's interop DLL. The interop has no function for extracting range of pages, but it has delete page method. So by calling delete method and deleting all the pages out of the given range, it gives us the given range of pages to be saved in the given path. So to use this object we must have the interop.adobe.dll in the blue prism folder and adobe professional should be installed with a valid license.

The parameter print pages from and to is optional. If the start parameter is empty it will start from page 1. If the 'print pages to' parameter is empty, action will extract till the last page. 

But if the parameter 'Last page only' set to True, then only the last page will be extracted.

2. Read PDF Form data
It uses the adobe form's interop DLL (interop.AFormAutLib.dll) which reads all the fields of the given PDF file and return a text in the following format. 
":FieldName:FieldValue::Field2Name:Field2Value...etc" so we can split it by the text ":" and get the required field value.

3. Read PDF Page data
It is same as the above action, but it reads the pdf page from start to end . It will have a text before each page like "<==Page1==>", "<==Page2==>" and so on.
​​Prerequisites​ As stated above, it must have Adobe Professional installed and the DLL should be copied in Blue Prism folder. The interop DLL is also provided in this product but we recommend you use the DLL installed with your version of Adobe Professional
​​Execution ​Just call as required
​​Inputs A. Extract PDF Page
​1. Input File path - Full path of the input PDF file
2. Output File Name - Full path of the output file to be saved
3. Print pages from - A number to be passed for the range start index
4. Print pages to - A number to be, end index of the range. 
5. Last page only - Pass 'True' if want to extract only last page.

B. Read Form Data
1. PDF File Path - Full path of the input pdf file
​Outputs A. Extract
1. Success - True or False depends on any exception
2. Exception_Details - Error message if any exception occurs. 

B. Read
1. Success - True or False depends on any exception
2. Exception_Details - Error message if any exception occurs. 
3. Output - Actual dump text

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