About RPA Marketplace

The RPA Marketplace has been established to bring Buyers and Sellers of Digital Workforce components and solutions together into a single trading hub.  By Digital Workforce components we mean any and all technologies to complement, augment or replace work practices conducted by humans, this includes BPM, RPA, IA, AI. 

The premise is global reuse of components built for the Digital Workforce.  Why build from scratch when these components have already been built and tested. This is faster and more cost-effective for all organisations implementing a digital Workforce and beneficial for all parties in the wider Digital Workforce Ecosystem.

With years of experience within the RPA Domain and many more within IT, Q4 Associates realised the need for a global trading hub for pre-built Digital workforce components.  The evident shortage of skilled resources is inhibiting the adoption of these Digital Workforce technologies, and eroding the intended return on investment for organisations implementing them.

The Marketplace permits any skilled person or organisation to sell BPM, RPA, IA or AI Components on the global market. This is not limited to Vendor organisations. Independent parties and even end-user organisations, as well as vendors, can market their Digital Workforce components.

Q4 Associates is committed to continually evolving the RPA-Marketplace to meet the changing demands of the market. Please do not hesitate to contact us, with constructive feedback or need to list a solution or component which we have not provided a Browse Category for.