Vendor FAQ

I created a product but can't see it on the site. Why is that?
Each new product is manually reviewed and approved before being publicly available. Initially, product approval reviews will happen daily at 9am NZST, and you will be notified once your product is approved or if it needs further work to meet the quality standards of the RPA Marketplace. You can find out more about the approval process here.


What are vendor plans?
Vendor plans determine how much commission the RPA Marketplace receives from each product sale. Eventually there will be multiple plans to select from, and some high value or popular vendors may be offered custom plans. The default plan will always be free to join and sell.


I want to change my vendor plan. How can I do that?
This is currently handled manually by the RPA Marketplace administrators. Contact if you have any queries or requests of this nature.


How do I get paid?
All payments will be made to your vendor PayPal account. Eventually other payment methods, such as direct bank debits, will be implemented.
To see and configure payment methods, go to the vendor dashboard, click on the vendors menu, and then 'Vendors'. Click your vendor name and click on the 'Vendor Payments' tab.


How often do I get paid?
Payments are made on the 20th of each month, in the month following the sale. This is to give the buyer at least 30 days assurance that your object does what it says it does. See the site terms and conditions for more information.


I didn't receive the payment I was expecting. What should I do?
Please contact if you have any issues or questions relating to your vendor payments.


How can I increase the visibility of my products?
'Bestseller' and 'Most Popular' product pages will be added in the future, along with other ways and means to promote your vendor store and products within the RPA Marketplace. You can also create your own ads and marketing on other sites to drive traffic to your vendor store. For instance, Google Ads or Facebook advertising.
Be sure to investigate the SEO options you have in your vendor dashboard and product pages too.
You can also request to be provided on the RPA marketplace home page. Contact for more information.


How do I create a downloadable product?
First, you must register as a vendor; the vendor approval process is automatic. After that, creating a downloadable product is a two step process. By default, all new products are downloadable - the option is in the 'Extras' section of the general tab and is called 'Downloadable'. It is selected by default.
Once you have set up the product (including its name, description, pricing etc), click the save button and a 'Files to Sell' tab will appear. You can add one or more files with their own descriptions, documentation, and licensing agreement per product.
These are the files that buyers will get access to once full payment (or whatever file activation method you have chosen) has been made to the RPA Marketplace.


How can I control distribution of my products/downloads?
The licence agreement you specify for each file or product is the best way to control distribution. Buyers must agree to these terms before purchasing your products. An example might be:
This download is only to be used once per RPA environment or implementation. If you wish to use this object in other environments, you must purchase another copy.
One way to enforce this might be by providing support for the object or component and getting the buyer to specify where the RPA implementation is (eg domain or client name) before activating any download after the purchase.
In essence, however, use and distribution is not enforceable in any technical sense due to the inherent nature of RPA platforms.


Someone has copied my object and is selling it in the marketplace. What can I do?
Our terms and conditions prohibit this behaviour. If you believe this has happened to you, contact to lodge a formal review. Please include as much detail and proof for your argument as possible.
We take this very seriously and will deal with any such breaches swiftly and fairly.


I got an unwarranted negative review. What can I do?
Negative reviews suck, we get that. Sometimes they can be unwarranted, too. First talk to the customer, to see if you can get a resolution or an updated review. If that doesn't work and you feel like it is unwarranted, contact and get the case reviewed. Talk to us - we are here to help you be successful but also to ensure that buyers can have their fair, unaltered say. If we agree with you, will will ask the customer to change the review, or remove it all together.