Follow this guide for tips and tricks to get the most out of your products and vendor store.

Much the same as selling any item, the quality of the product and the presentation is vital. This applies to both the Products you are listing and your Vendor Profile.


Vendor Profile

Ensure you present a professional image, explaining the experience you or your team have in delivering either RPA or AI solutions.

Do not forget to include how you are committed to quality and will rectify any issues encountered and will be continually evolving your solutions.

Also for the smaller organisations or individuals who do not have a logo, it is recommended to develop one to bolster your image.



Quality is absolutely paramount, low quality products will not pass the approval stage and will easily be discovered. Poor feedback from buyers will not help your ongoing sales either.  Double check your solutions, ensure they follow recommended standards and work.

When listing your products, use the following checklist to ensure you are maximising your selling potential.

  • Name the product so buyers can understand what it is, eg “SAP Login Objects (Blue Prism)”
  • Present a suitable logo for the object you are selling, so Buyers can easily see what it is
  • Price the product realistically, not too expensive where the buyer will decide to build it themselves, and not to cheap where they may doubt the quality
  • Maybe have an image which is a screenshot of some of the code or solution so the buyer can see how neatly it has been coded / structured
  • Clearly explain in the product notes exactly what is included in the product,
  • Objects, actions,
  • Standards followed
  • What versions of systems it works on, and interacts with,
  • Explain if you provide any post-sales support if the Buyer has any issues with the product
  • Package the solution with release notes
  • Name the package appropriately


Post Sales Care

Don’t forget you are trying to build an ongoing reputation for delivering a quality product at a fair price. If customers have questions and comments following the sale, it is important to assist the buyer as much as possible.  It will be the positive comments posted by these buyers which will really assist you with future sales.