Only vendors can list solutions for sale.

Becoming a vendor is easy! Click Become a Vendor and complete the application form. Vendor approval is automatic but product approval is done by the Marketplace review team. Further instructions can be found here.

Once you are a vendor you can create products via the VENDOR DASHBOARD.

Follow these instructions to create your first product.

1. Click on the product menu and select 'Products'


2. Click the add product button


3. Fill out the required fields at a minimum


By default all products are downloadable (if you have a physical product, you can change this if you scroll down to the extra's section).

Fill out any information as necessary and click the 'Create' button.


The 'Files to sell' tab will now show. This is were you can upload the actual file/s that will become available for download once a buyer has purchased your product. As you add files you can set the terms and condtitions, activation policy and various other options. 

4. Click on the files to sell tab and then the add file button.


5. Complete the form including uploading the files themselves.


  • Most products will only have one file but you can include as many as you want (for example, PDF documentation or supporting objects or default prerequisites).
  • Include as much information as possible to help convince any buyer that your product is worth purchasing. Things like documentation, readme text, preview images all help. Look at other popular solutions in the marketplace to help you market and sell your products.
  • There are other advanced options available, explore and use them to create the perfect experience for your buyers.

6. When you are done, click the create button and the file will be added.

7. Finally, click on the features tab to fill out any relevant options for your product.

This helps with filtering and categorisation of your product on the marketplace. It helps people find your product. Features displayed on this tab are determined by the category/s you select on the 'General' tab.


8. Explore the other tabs for more advanced options.

When you are finished setting up your product, click the 'Save and close' button to submit the product for approval.


All products are manually approved each day at 9am NZST and you will be notified if your product is approved or if it needs further work to meet the quality standards of the marketplace. You can find more information about the approval process here.

Only after your product has been approved will it be publicly available for marketplace users to purchase.


Any questions around approvals or how to list a product, please email