Component Ideas

We constantly get asked by vendors, what is a good idea for a reusable component on the RPA-Marketplace?

Any idea is a good one, if it's reusable then someone will have a use case for it. The trick is finding a use case that a lot of buyers might want. 

Think end to end process (or instance integrating with cloud services) or small common application based objects like SharePoint, MS Access, Excel Extensions etc. 

Here are a list of common services and applications that many RPA customers use often;

  • Excel
  • MS Access
  • Word
  • PDF 
  • SharePoint
  • Office 365
  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • MS Active Directory
  • Google Addres Services
  • Microsoft AX
  • Windows 7/10 configuration/management
  • RPA Platforms (robots controlling robot and automating admin functions)
  • Exam and certification help
  • Best practise guidelines and associated tools
  • Operating Model Template and tools

The list is endless once you start to drill down to what customers want. A good way to approach the question is, what problem am I solving for a customer?

Use the comments below to suggest other idea or even request a component you are looking for. 


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