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This sequence finds the postal code for the given New Zealand address using the portal

Kindly note that the postal code fetching happens internally using a code stage.


Access to the site :


Run the main flowchart to identify the postal code of an address or invoke the sequence file and use the arguments to customise the call. 


AddressLine1 (string) – First line of the address

AddressLine2 (string) – Second line of the address

AddressLine3 (string) – Last line of the address

City (string) – City of the location

Postcode (string) – Postal code if already known.


Postcode (string) – Postal code for the given address

PostcodeFound (boolean) – True if the address is valid and Postal code is fetched / False for vice versa.

Components Included




NZ Post Address Check and Postcode Finder

Project file


List of Functionality

  • Identifying whether an address in New Zealand is valid or not
  • Returning the postal code of an address in New Zealand

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